Horizon Cardiology LLC, has joined Heart & Vascular Medical Group. However, our mission remains twofold. Our primary goal is to provide a health service to the community focused on preventive cardiology. Horizon Cardiology will provide superior quality healthcare in cardiovascular disease to improve the quality of life and longevity of the patients it serves. In turn, our secondary goal is to be a leader in developing innovative ways to impact the global community in reducing cardiovascular disease and its complications.

We want to HELP people live happy, productive and fulfilling lives free of cardiovascular disease, its complications and untimely death. We will implement healing that encompasses mind, body and spirit.

H – Healing through compassionate, inclusive and quality-driven care.

E – Empowering our patients, our community and ourselves through education and the implementation of efficient, affordable, preventive and interventional measures.

L – Leadership in providing superior medical services through teamwork, innovation and diversity.

P – Professionalism defined by the dedication, integrity, and commitment to the effort to alleviate suffering and provide healing to the residents of Bergen County.