Concierge Services To Be Offered Next Year:

Platinum PackageĀ [includes A, B and C services]
1. Unlimited visits
2. Same day visits
3. Limited number of house calls, 6
4. Free access online services
5. 24 hour/7 days week access to MD/NP

Gold Package [includes A, B and 24/7 access]
1. 12 visits annually
2. Limited house calls, 3
3. 24/7 access to MD/NP
4. Steep discounted rate for online
5. Discounted rate for nutrition and fitness coaching
6. Discount on Technology for tracking

StandardĀ PackageĀ 
There is no initial start up or annual fee it is based simply on insurance coverage. However, there is an option to Ala cart more. Each of the items in A, B and C would be priced for Ala cart services upon request.

There could be up to a 20 percent discount based on age, comorbidities, and cardiovascular risk.